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The Story of Forest Lamps & Gifts

For almost 40 years (Since 1975), the family owned business of Forest Lamps & Gifts has sought out the work of Italy's finest craftsman. Exquisite ceramic figurines, a multitude of decorative accessories for gracious living and a full complement of beautiful lighting fixtures, all in timeless tradition of Capodimonte, have lent beauty and style to homes across the country.

Each lamp, table, chandelier, fixture, and accessory is imported from Italy, the home of centuries of Capodimonte tradition. Each lamps shade is carefully made and handcrafted in America. Upon arrival in our New York warehouse, every fixture's inner electrical mechanisms are installed or inspected to ensure years of long lasting enjoyment.

It was during a trip to Italy in 1979 that Zoltan Hecht, President of Forest Lamps and Gifts, first saw the outstanding work known as the Laurenz Classic Collection. Each original porcelain figurine was expertly sculpted and rendered with a degree of perfection usually only seen in nineteenth-century pieces of Capodimonte. The handcrafted figures seemed full of movement, a priceless moment captured in time, sometimes poignant and wistful, and other times full of humor. 

Mr. Hecht made the acquaintance of the artist Enzo Arzenton and his lovely wife, Laura, who managed the business operations of "The House of Laurenz". In a short time, the Laurenz Classic Collection became an important part of our business. The artist's masterful achievements in intricate modeling and realistic portrayal of characters found an immediate and widespread audience here in America. 

In 1983 Forest Lamps and Gifts began an association with Disney Collectibles and were granted a license to sell Disney sculptures created by the House of Laurenz in the tradition of Capodimonte. It was a magical moment! 

Many of you know that our first Disney sculpture ,"Having Dinner with Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, was retired at 1000 pieces and is a sold-out edition. With the Dwarfs generally misbehaving and Snow White trying her best to keep order, it breathes life and animated movement. Since then, forty delightful collectible figurines and sculptures have been handcrafted by the House of Laurenz, each a shining star in our parade of Disney characters. 

For each sculpture from the Laurenz Collection of Disney Characters, we determine a maximum number for production. In recent years, due to the response from collectors, we have often lowered the production quantity on certain pieces. By "retiring" them, their place on the secondary market and their desirability as important collectors' items is assured. 

We all have memories from our favorite Disney films ? certain scenes, a particularly touching moment ? that we cherish. In each sculpture we bring those memories to life with the characters and elements that represent the complete vision of the animators and the creativity of the sculptor. The result is an animated scene that is yours to enjoy now and forever. We invite you to embrace the magic.

Every item is packaged in our unique system to ensure that world wide delivery occurs quickly and safely.

Forest Lamps & Gifts has always stood by the quality of its merchandise as well as its delivery.

Robert Hecht

Forest Lamps & Gifts, Inc. & Westshore Lighting
TELEPHONE (718)-477-0690

Business Hours - Eastern Standard Time
Sunday 11:00 am till 3:00 pm
Monday Through Thursday - 10:30 am till 3:30 pm

Closed Friday & Saturday
(718) 477-0690

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